Will Nina Dobrev Return For The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Here’s What The Showrunner Says

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We couldn’t have done it without you. He played the lead role of Aaron Corbett in the “Fallen” mini-series. Paul is the second child of four children. Paul has three sisters.

Online dating? You read the bylines: Thirty percent of Americans have used online dating services. In , 17% of couples who married met on an online dating site. All I can really say is BRAVO to the writers and cast members of The Vampire Diaries this entire episode was a struggle from beginning to end. Damon struggling with his real.

Share this article Share Phoebe, 27, showed off her slim stems in a simple black frock which also displayed an elegant amount of cleavage with its subtle but sexy neckline. Woman of many words: It looked like the pair were engrossed in conversation, as the Sydney born starlet and New Jersey native chatted animatedly Mutual: A source close to the couple said the pair are ‘still friends’ but that the relationship had simple ‘run its course’ The couple started dating in after working on The Vampire Diaries together, where they played the supernatural Stefan Salvatore and Hayley Marshall.

A source close to the photogenic pair confirmed there were no ill feelings between the star, saying that the pair are ‘still good friends’ and that the relationship had simply ‘run its course’ in a statement to E! Both Paul and Phoebe are enjoying professional success. Though their romantic relationship has fizzled out, both stars are very busy in their professional lives.

Paul has been exploring the world of directing and producing with his production company Citizen Media.

Any good vampire/werewolf/mythical romance books

Photos from the individual The Vampire Diaries episodes are listed along with the The Vampire Diaries episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Vampire Diaries episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.

Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Elena is popular amongst her peers and the perfect straight A student, but has difficulties hiding her grief Stefan heads to the hospital to try to use his

Marcellus “Marcel” Gerard is a character in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the first episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and the first episode of the first season of The Originals. He is portrayed by starring member Charles Michael.

The exact etymology is unclear. List of vampires in folklore and mythology The notion of vampirism has existed for millennia. Cultures such as the Mesopotamians , Hebrews , Ancient Greeks , and Romans had tales of demons and spirits which are considered precursors to modern vampires. Despite the occurrence of vampire-like creatures in these ancient civilizations, the folklore for the entity we know today as the vampire originates almost exclusively from early 18th-century southeastern Europe , [1] when verbal traditions of many ethnic groups of the region were recorded and published.

In most cases, vampires are revenants of evil beings, suicide victims, or witches , but they can also be created by a malevolent spirit possessing a corpse or by being bitten by a vampire. Belief in such legends became so pervasive that in some areas it caused mass hysteria and even public executions of people believed to be vampires. Vampires were usually reported as bloated in appearance, and ruddy, purplish, or dark in colour; these characteristics were often attributed to the recent drinking of blood.

Blood was often seen seeping from the mouth and nose when one was seen in its shroud or coffin and its left eye was often open. In Slavic and Chinese traditions, any corpse that was jumped over by an animal, particularly a dog or a cat, was feared to become one of the undead.

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The story starts with a young couple travelling at night in the car. Suddenly fog appears and a man appears in front of the car. The driver hastily applies brakes, but the man is thrown over due to impact.

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. S1 Binge Time 11hrs 28mins.

It’s hard to believe the impact that the show’s episodes were able to have on pop culture. Between wonderfully complex, well-written characters and compelling storytelling, it’s easy to see why it was so popular. Also, in spite of its name, The Vampire Diaries didn’t have any shortage of diverse supernatural creatures. There were witches, werewolves, ghosts, mediums, supernaturally enhanced hunters, and even hybrid creatures that encompassed more than one of those creatures.

However, one of the other important draws for the series was just how vividly detailed its lore was. Nothing happened without reason or explanation. Characters’ histories had been entwined for millennia, with their stories spanning over centuries that sometimes even they didn’t know much about. These epically expansive storylines made the show immersive and addictive for the majority of people who gave it a shot But after eight years on the air and very nearly episodes, there’s no way that the average fan could ever remember all that much about it!

The relationship between Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, is a somewhat complicated one. When Stefan enrolls himself at Mystic Falls High School, the two of them end up spending a lot of time together and eventually strike up a romantic relationship, but then she meets his broody, mysterious brother, Damon. In spite of the general opinion of him, Elena sees the good in Damon, and the two of them develop a friendship, but there’s an undeniable attraction between them.

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I became addicted to vampire books myself, so I have read many of them. Below is a list of my favorites. Smith were pretty good. Searching for the ultimate thrill, she vowed to have Stefan. Haunted by his tragic past, he struggled to resist her passion. Driven by revenge, he hunted the brother who betrayed him.

This is not to put down the rest of the characters on Vampire Diaries, who are mostly lovely and interesting, or the show’s talented cast. (Still wowed by Nina Dobrev’s Elena/Katherine act.) But.

Cool and calculating, Jessica always makes sure that even if one of her attorneys loses, her firm still wins. However, as Jessica dealt with conniving former partners, failed mergers, and threats from both outside and inside her own firm, she came to see Mike as the asset he truly was. Included amongst Torres’s most notable television credits are her performances as the Russo-Cuban assassin Anna Espinosa on “Alias,” the shotgun-toting mercenary Zoe Washburn on Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” whom she also played in his feature film “Serenity” and the soul-eating Jasmin on Whedon’s “Angel.

Crisis on Two Earths” opposite James Woods. The Legendary Journeys,” “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Cleopatra ” the latter of which earned her an ALMA Award – that brought her to the masses and promptly shifted her career. The youngest of three children, Torres was born in Manhattan and raised in The Bronx with her close-knit Cuban family.

She graduated from Fiorello LaGuardia School of Arts where, before entering the world of acting, she studied opera and jazz as a vocal major. Within a year of graduating, she was cast as Deena Jones in “Dreamgirls,” her first professional acting job.

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You just announced a pod deal with Warner Bros. What kind of shows do you want to make? All kinds of shows — scripted, unscripted, drama, comedy, docuseries, digital, all of it. The reality of it is telling good stories. I understand how to make things from the ground up.

“If The Vampire Diaries was about love and The Originals is about family, for us, this is a show about friendship,” series creator Julie Plec told Seventeen on the set of Legacies.

The episode starts with a voice-over, which is said by Stefan Salvatore. He says; ” For over a century now I have lived in secret: Until now I am a vampire, and this is my story,” Outside of Mystic Falls, a young couple, Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton, were just driving home from and unknown concert. They were having a good-natured arguement about one of the members of the band in the concert.

As they admit there true feelings for each other, they mysteryliosly notice fog thickining around them and then suddenly they hit a dark, hoodied figure who was standing in the middle of the road. With shock , Darren tells Brooke to get help while he goes and has a loook at the body. As he climbs out of the car, he runs over to the bodie and looks at the ring he is wearing. Suddenly the man jumps up and the attacks Darren. Failing to get no signal on her phone , Brooke gets out, calling for Darren.

But no one is to be seen. All of a sudden , Darren’s body is dropped onto the hood of the car. Brooke screams and starts to run of in panic, but while she is running an unknown force picks her up of the ground and is killed. The voice-over of Stefan continues:

Vampire Diaries: What the Cast Looked Like In Their First Episode Vs Today

If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Goodbye home, goodbye brother, goodbye old Elena! Why did you feel it was necessary to kill him? This whole year has been about the evolution of Elena as a vampire, starting from a girl who expressly claimed it was the last thing she wanted. And then just as she was finally getting a handle on it, the sire bond problem reared its ugly head. We knew we wanted to get her to the darkest place possible, so that Elena, the most compassionate character, would become dis-compassionate and turn her humanity off.

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Still, the show has thrived somewhat and was even renewed for Season 8 by the network. Unfortunately for fans of the long-running drama, Season 8 will also be the last for The Vampire Diaries. This begs the question: Will Nina Dobrev return to the drama? Showrunner Julie Plec indicates that the forecast is pretty darn good.

Here’s what she has to say: Not to put too much pressure on anything Nina Dobrev, but a promise was made. An emotional promise that I’d like to see come to life. You heard it here. There’s been friendship promises made, and now we’ll see if we can deliver on them. Speaking to TV Line at Comic-Con, Julie Plec and the cast were asked whether or not any former cast members would be making their way back to the show.

While Ian Somerholder said the final season was more going to be about the nucleus of the cast, Plec basically straight up disagreed, stating that: There’s a dozen and more familiar faces that we miss.

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Having said that, there is one DC property that is begging for an ongoing show on their network…and several DC shows have already hinted that it might be on the way. For those unfamiliar with the team, the Legion is a group of futuristic young heroes from planets all over the galaxy, inspired by tales of Superman and Supergirl from their distant past. See, in the 31st century, people live hundreds of years. Everyone is considered a youth until what we see as middle age! The perky blonde actress would be a perfect fit for the Legion’s resident telepath from the moons of Saturn, Imra Ardeen, better known as Saturn Girl.

If you think The Vampire Diaries romances are hard to keep track of on-screen, just try to keep straight all of the TVD cast members who have dated each other off-screen. Here is a round-up of the.

Trivia Etymology The first name Jenna is of Arabic origin, and the meaning is “heaven”. In the Western world it is a variation of Jennifer, and is of Cornish origin, the Cornish variant of Guinevere and means white fair, pure. Esther mentions that Jenna remained pure, even if she was turned into a vampire, avoiding the torment the other side. Character Notes She is based on the novel character Aunt Judith.

When Jenna turned into a vampire, her first blood to drink was from a witch , not a normal human. According to Julie Plec , a letter “was changed to protect the innocent. In the books, Judith does not approve the relationship of Elena and Stefan, but she wants Elena with Damon. In the series, Jenna agrees with the relationship of Elena and Stefan, but she worries about her niece when she is with Damon.

She also seems older in the books and is engaged to a man named Robert. Out of this group she seemed to be friends only with Mason. Out of this group John and Jenna are the last to die, each by a supernatural cause.

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