How to remotely access your home PC from Windows Phone

There is a handy remote control feature to try out once connected, and even more features — if you have performed a jailbreak on your device. Step 1 from your iPhone or iPod Tap the Settings app from your home screen. Our end destination is going to be: Your device should now be discoverable by your computer. Step 2 from your Windows computer Click the Start menu orb and Type bluetooth into the search box. A new window should pop-up, and in the middle of the window will be a white box where your iPhone or iPod should appear. Select your device and then Click Next.

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPod With Windows 7 Via Bluetooth

This includes Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. To set up your Chromecast, please use a mobile device. What you need to get started A Chromecast device.

Flexible. Weather station display with data logging and streaming capabilities. AcuRite weather stations with PC Connect can be used as a standalone weather station, can transfer data to a Windows PC, and can stream your weather online to websites like Weather Underground or AcuLink.

By Joy Taylor Posted on: You may wonder why is my iPhone not showing up in my computer? Next, we will analyze the reasons for this problem and show you some potential solutions to solve this problem. This may be the most common reason for iPhone not showing up on you computer. For Windows computer, Windows explorer can only allow users to transfer photos and videos in Camera Roll to computer; therefore, if your camera roll is empty, your iPhone will not showing up in windows explorer.

The USB port of your computer not working probably may be one of the common reasons. So, you can change a USB port to have a try. Restart your iPhone and PC. Unplug and plugin your iPhone two or three times.

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For one, you can turn an old handset into a security camera or baby monitor which you can use without buying a brand new standalone camera. And if your handset doesn’t have a front facing camera, or if your PC doesn’t have a webcam built in, then you can use the rear camera on the phone for video calls. It is obviously easier to buy a dedicated camera, but if you don’t want to buy a brand new webcam, or want to find a good use for your old phone instead of selling it, then setting it up like this is a nice idea.

Here’s how to set it up. Security camera One of the ways in which you can use an old phone is by setting it up as a security camera or a baby monitor. This is pretty easy to do with the right apps for both Android phones and iPhones.

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New preview build also adds more voice commands for Cortana Shares Microsoft has pushed out a new preview build of Windows 10 , with some smart added features including the ability to send links from your Android smartphone to a PC, and added voice commands for Cortana. While only Android mobiles are catered for right now, Microsoft promises that support for the iPhone is in the pipeline.

Some considerable tinkering has been done with Cortana, too, with the digital assistant getting new voice commands enabling you to sign out of your PC, lock it, or indeed restart or shutdown the machine. Furthermore, Cortana can now present web search results in a fly-out pane which will automatically kick in for certain queries such as those concerning the weather, stocks, movies, flights and so forth — meaning you can view these results without your browser opening. Boot benefits Microsoft has also tweaked the boot-up process, and the feature whereby Windows will use your sign-in details to automatically finish setting up the system after an update is applied has now been extended to cover standard reboots or shutdowns.

These include the one-handed touch keyboard being made a little larger with a thicker border to help prevent accidental dismissal by tapping outside the keyboard , and it benefits from a new animation, visibly sliding in or out when invoked or dismissed respectively. The sound that the touch keyboard makes when typing on it has also been quietened down a little following user feedback.

For those with precision touchpads on their laptops, two-finger scrolling has been tweaked so it now feels smoother. Finally, on the gaming front, some users might see Game Mode is enabled in the Game Bar by default for certain games.


Where do they all go? Hooking up a computer has gotten significantly easier and more straightforward over the years; you can be connected in just a few minutes! See Step 1 below to get started.

You can use Windows Internet Connection Sharing to share your Internet connection between your computer and your Xbox console. If you do this, both the console and your computer can access the Internet at the same time.

Transfer My Data isn’t good Real lack of apps Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system for PCs was one of the biggest technology releases of — and it split opinion down the middle, with some Windows fans loving the new look and features, and others complaining about such issues as the absence of OneDrive support, floppy drive support, and various games and desktop gadgets. Here in mobile phone world we sat idly by in the weeks following the July release of Windows 10, waiting for Windows 10 Mobile.

It finally appeared just in time to sneak in as a release, and its availability is still fairly limited — as are some features. Microsoft first launched the mobile OS on the Lumia , before rolling out two new flagship phones in the form of the Lumia and Lumia XL. Microsoft has said it will update the Lumia , , , , , , XL, , and , and we expect that update to be free. We hope that as Windows 10 Mobile lands on more devices in the coming months Microsoft will keep the software updates coming to improve the user experience.

Right now, though, we don’t know when it’s coming to more devices — Microsoft still hasn’t announced a schedule for the roll-out. Windows 10 Mobile is make or break time for Microsoft in terms of its aspirations in the mobile phone market — it’s a matter of succeeding with the new OS or dropping out of the phone game altogether. Windows Phone has been slipping further and further behind iOS and Android as more people jumped ship from the flailing platform. Microsoft badly needs to stop the rot, keeping what users it still has and trying to hook a few million more in the process.


In Windows Phone 8. Wireless Projecting your screen wirelessly uses Miracast technology. This requires a compatible receiver e.

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For business people and regular international travelers, it is something to consider. If these numbers don’t match, the phone doesn’t work. Those who got their phones free or at a low price with a phone service contract will usually find that these phones are locked. Be sure to ask if a phone is unlocked before buying it. Those who live in Europe will find it much easier to buy an unlocked phone. Almost all carriers use GSM. Plus, many countries passed cell phone portability laws, making it illegal for phone service providers to lock phones to a specific account.

Setting Up the Unlocked Phone It only takes a few steps to set up an unlocked phone. The first step is getting a new SIM card for the phone. This can be done by purchasing a pre-paid minutes SIM card, or by signing up with a phone service carrier and getting a SIM card from the carrier for the particular phone. Not all carriers will be able to help with this step, so be prepared to use a prepaid minutes card. Any SIM card will work on an unlocked phone as long as they both use the same frequency and the SIM card is specific to the country that calls will be made in.

Here are the steps to swap out the SIM card:

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Dec 07,  · An unboxing and demonstration of the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (WDA) that was purchased from Best Buy. The WDA can be used to mirror the entire display of your Windows Phone .

Website admin will know that you reported it. Admins may or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author. And please don’t worry, your report will be anonymous. But then it would be Microsoft wanting to restrict it. They want more apps for Universal. I hope this is successful and we see more universal applications that change their UI based on mode. You get the usual gimped UI on the phone and a robust desktop class UI when docked.

Microsoft has really started thinking outside of the box. I keep waiting for someone to knock this out of the park. Might help Windows Phone gain share since Google for years is just watching the grass grow instead of getting Android on all screen sizes. Chrome, Chromebooks and Chrome OS — as their desktop strategy.

Windows Phone on a TV: How to Use the Microsoft HD-10

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